Summer Programs

Summer Programs
1. Why should I attend a summer program at a college? There are 3 good reasons why you should? First, it allows you to have a college experience as a high school student. Second, it gives your parents and you time to be separate and thus you develop responsibility. Third, it gives you the opportunity to experience a place where you might spend four years of your life, before you’ve actually made the commitment.
2. Is it better to attend a summer program that gives credit for college courses? The advantage of taking courses for credit is that if you decide to attend that school, you already have credits towards your degree. Unfortunately, sometimes summer program credits from one school may not be accepted at another school.
3. Is there a recommended number of weeks that makes one program better than another? The number of weeks you decide to attend a program depends on you. If it’s your first time going away from home, it may be best to only do a 3 week course. Otherwise, do a 4 or 6 week program.
4. Does attending a summer program at a school guarantee admission to that school? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that attending the summer program at a particular school would automatically grant you admission to that school.
5. Is there financial aid for summer programs? Some programs have limited funds to offer in the way of aid, and it sometimes requires a separate form and there are usually deadlines of when to submit the information.