Applying for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information

College is affordable-there are many sources to finance your education.

Financial Aid is usually based on need (finances) and/or merit (grades/test scores): depending on a family’s financial situation, you may not qualify for need-based aid; therefore look at schools that give merit-based aid.

Following are forms that will be part of the college application process in order to qualify for federal, state, and school specific aid.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

-REQUIRED by all schools to determine federal money (grants) that you are eligible to
receive; can be filed as early as Oct 1 of Senior year; check with the schools you
are applying to for their FAFSA filing deadlines.

CSS Profile 

-required by some schools in order to determine how much of their private financial aid you will receive; check with the schools to which you are applying for their filing deadlines.


-website for students to register who plan to play college sports; you must register in order to know the academic requirements of the NCAA Clearinghouse

Additional Resources

Prudential: Paying for College – A Practical Guide for Families


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