College Application Terminology

College Application Terminology

1. What does Early Decision mean?

Early Decision applications are usually due by November 1 of the senior year. This means that you can only apply to one school and it is a binding decision in that once you are accepted, you must commit to attending. Usually acceptance decisions are made within the next month and a response is needed within a certain amount of time. If finances will be an issue, it does not provide you with the opportunity to compare the packages from other schools.

2. What does Early Action mean?

Early Action means that your application must be received by a deadline such as November 1 or November 15, but once accepted, a response does not have to be given back to the school until the traditional May 1 deadline.

3. What does Rolling Admission mean?

Rolling admission means that the school has no set application deadline, and will give students a response within about 2 to 3 weeks.

4. What does Regular Decision mean?

The Regular Decision deadline for most schools is January 1. For some schools, it may be Jan 15 or even as late as February 15. But once you receive your decision, you have until May 1 to respond and send in your deadline.