College Application Timeline

College Application Timeline
1. When should I start sending out applications? Applications can be sent out as early as August 1, preceding the start of your senior year using the Common App.
2. What is the Common App? Common App is a website where students can apply to multiple colleges using one application. Fees are paid for each school on that site and teachers download their letters of recommendation on that site as well.
3. Some schools send me applications on line, should I use them? By all means! Especially if the application is free, take advantage of it. Those types of “Priority” applications also sometimes give you an admissions decision within a couple weeks
4. I can’t afford all these fees. How can I pay? If you are a recipient of Free Lunch, you can get waivers for your applications. If your parents had hardships such as losing their job or health issues that prevented them from working, you can request that your guidance counselor write a letter for you stating such, which is forwarded to the admissions offices of the schools to which you are applying
5. To how many colleges should I apply? A good number is between 8-10 schools. You want to pick a variety of schools which includes: safety schools ( ones which you know you’ll definitely be accepted), schools which may be a little difficult to be accepted, and reach schools (meaning difficult to be accepted).