College Visit Checklist

College Visit Checklist

If you have no clue what schools to visit, look at the following sites to get information on schools: Big Future on,; also use the Naviance program (if used by your high school’s guidance department)

The day of your visit:
-Bring a student copy of your transcript

-ask to see the admissions recruiter who deals with your school/area and get his or her card so that you have someone to contact regarding your application

-take the campus tour and/or sit in on a class

-visit the dining hall or other locations for meals to try the food!

-speak to students and ask them how they like the school.

Some things to explore on the website before you visit:
-acceptance and retention rates (how many students stay to graduate in 4 years)

-cost specifics and financial aid availability (merit and need-based scholarships)

-class size, student-teacher ratio

-majors offered; advising, for classes and pre-professional programs

-support services available: tutoring, writing center

-internship opportunities, study abroad programs are available

-housing options

Questions to ask on your visit are to clarify things that you didn’t understand when you were on the web-site; don’t ask questions about information that was readily available!